Inspection Process


The process below is a summary and is not to be construed as a complete checklist. Inspections listed below apply to commercial and residential construction.
  1. Stormwater pollution control - Silt fence or other approved method to control pollution onto streets and storm drains
  2. Temporary electrical service pole - Temporary pole required for each project, may not be shared between jobs
  3. Form survey - Required prior to slab inspection and concrete pour
  4. Plumbing ground inspection - Under ground pipe water test, 10 feet head, check materials
  5. Slab-foundation inspection - All of the above must be completed and approved; chairs in place, steel, and ties
  6. Frame inspection - All inspections listed below must be completed and approved:
    1. Plumbing top-out
    2. Energy cover
    3. Electrical cover
    4. Brick ties
    5. Mechanical cover
    6. Electrical service
    7. Windstorm - residential
    8. Fire prevention - commercial
  7. Driveway-paving, public walk approach flow line - Must meet city specifications
  8. Building final - All inspections listed below must be completed and approved:
    1. Plumbing final
    2. Gas test
    3. Electrical final
    4. Municipal Utility District final report
    5. Mechanical final
    6. Energy final report
  9. Certificate of Occupancy - Required for all buildings, residential and commercial; commercial buildings must comply with applicable requirements from building code, planning and zoning, fire code, and health code

Schedule an Inspection

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